Klezmore 2022

Klezmer Festival in Vienna

September 27, 2022

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From November 5 to 20, the KlezMORE Festival Vienna will once again take place on various stages in Vienna. One of the central artists of the 19th edition is Isabel Frey, in whose work political activism and artistic activity complement each other and are mutually dependent. She will perform at the opening gala, but will also raise her voice in a trio or with Soveles. The fact that she shares the stage with Daniel Kahn at the opening opens up another level, since the Berlin-based American, with his "Verfremdungsklezmer" and his theater work, has for decades stood for more abstract forms of political music that always have a concrete emotional impact.

Another constant of the festival is - in the literal sense - polyphony. Roman Grinbert and the Vienna Jewish Choir, the Styrian Klezmore Orchestra led by Moritz Weiss and the Vienna Klezmore Orchestra will all be performing. Not to forget the artistic encounters, such as that of Andrej Prozorov and Aliosha Biz or the unique combination of Jewish poetry and oriental sounds ("The Yiddish Princes Meets The Orient").

Also exciting at this year's KlezMORE Festival is "The Ballad Of Mauthausen", an extended adaptation of the famous "Mauthausen Cantata" by Dutch musician Niki Jacobs.


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