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September 16, 2022

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Viele unserer Artikel sind online nur noch mit einer folker.world-Steady-Mitgliedschaft lesbar. An dieser Stelle möchten wir erklären, wieso wir auf die Unterstützung unserer zahlenden Leserinnen und Leser zählen, um unseren folker-Journalismus zukunftsfähig zu machen.

On our website, in our newsletter, on Facebook or (brand new) on Instagram: More and more often, you'll come across articles in folker.world's offerings that are marked with an f+. This means that if you want to read more than the first few paragraphs, you need a paid folker.world membership (equivalent to a digital subscription).

From the exchange with our readers, we know that this step leaves questions. We would like to try to answer them here.

Why journalism is also worth money on the Internet

Since our relaunch as a print magazine in December 2021, we have been taking a closer look at a topic relevant to the fields of song, folk & world every three months - with the help of overview articles, interviews, portraits, features, statements, historical classifications, reviews or other approaches. In addition, we dedicate ourselves in further articles, reviews, etc. to the whole range and facet richness of the spectrum we cover. From the world of ideas and music of artists at home and from all over the world, to the work of players in the local scenes, to exciting newcomers in a wide variety of genres, we provide insights and perspectives into a multifaceted musical cosmos.

Of course, all of this can also be found online at folker.world, where we are regularly active and sometimes also publish exclusive content. Our editors and authors are close to the topics that are relevant for our scene and interesting for our readers, and provide you with knowledge and remarkable things from all areas of our musical world. The integrated search function makes this wealth of information even more accessible. With its help, you can call up a wide variety of sorts depending on the keyword, be it articles by a particular author, about an artist of interest or a genre you are looking for. It is ideal for research. And for those who don't speak German, folker.world is also available in English.

Wir sind ein Team aus zehn Redakteuren und Redakteurinnen, über dreißig Ständigen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern sowie diversen Verlagsakteurinnen und -akteuren in Vertrieb, Marketing, Produktion und Webdesign … Wir arbeiten engagiert und mit viel Herzblut für den folker (gedruckt und digital). Professionell. Objektiv. Transparent. Das ist unser Anspruch, und das ist aufwendig. Das Ergebnis kann es schlicht nicht umsonst geben – weder gedruckt noch digital. Deshalb muss es die Bezahlangebote geben und deshalb bauen wir die Angebote im Onlinemitgliederbereich weiter aus.

These are the advantages for subscribers

Members of our online community (digital subscribers) have exclusive access to all content on folker.world. They have the opportunity to comment on articles, contact the editorial team or publisher, and add their own ideas and suggestions. This gives them a real edge over non-paying visitors, and their subscription or membership makes an important contribution to ensuring quality journalism in the spectrum covered by folker.


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