West Of Center (self-published)

12. Januar 2024

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Their songs radiate an atmosphere of  freedom, departure, the vastness of untouched nature and a longing for humanity. In the stunning landscape of the Colorado Plateau, Ryan Heinsius and Andrew Lauher have recorded a thrilling debut. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, they present nine up-tempo songs that are not only musically influenced by the immense geographic beauty outside the major U.S. metropolitan cities as well as Washington. Their lyrics, mostly penned by Heinsius, who studied journalism and also works for the local public radio station, are a reminder above all to Americans themselves to take responsibility for the earth and all people to live in peace and in harmony with nature. The driving force of the duo is drummer Lauher, who with his excellent sense of rhythm not only ensures that the listener’s body has to swing from the very first note. His powerful, almost hypnotizing beats form an impressive harmony with Heinsius‘ distinctive vocals. But the songs only unfold their full energy through his filigree and melodic playing on the various electric and acoustic guitars. The latter, by the way, comes from the hand of Lauher, who is also an excellent luthier. An electrifying Americana album that presents a courageous, critical and creative voice of America living far west of the US-mainstream.

Erik Prochnow

West Of Center (self-published)

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